Martin Kalanda Artist Portfolio
Martin Kalanda Artist Portfolio


Gallery, Shows and Events:

The Other Art Fair – New York – 2017
Rush Art Gallery – December 2010 – Group show for Finalist of Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series
Chashama – November – 2011 – Solo Gallery Show
Space on White – July 2009 – Solo Gallery show

Boston University

Mission Statement:
I find the world humorous yet dynamically dangerous and my artwork reflects this in its subject matter whether through the combination of distinct objects or contorted view points. Being born in a poor Eastern European country and living in New York City gives me a unique view on the absurdity of humanities priorities. We spend billions on fighter jets, and pointless products yet ignore the massive natural world surrounding us. The never ending push for progress in humanity when we have no idea what the end game is, fascinates me.

My latest works as seen in “Abjectified: Skunk Works” and the “Corporate Arsenal” series involve massive technological projects propelling humanity into an unknown future for unknown reasons. Why do we go to space, create AI, and push computing technology? Is it for human progress, whatever that term means, or for human profit no matter what the consequences?

I hope to get the viewer to laugh yet also stop and think about why we buy, build, and explore. I was born under communism and now I live in the hyper capitalism of New York City. These two extreme forces pulling at our history is an amazing arena to play in.

Martin Kalanda is an artist in New York City as well as Co-Founder and Owner of The Royal Society of American Art (RSOAA) an independent, privately funded institution led by eminent artists. He is also an award-winning Art Director & Web designer working with clients from a vast array of industries.